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Kick ICT Group acquires C2 Software Limited

As an insightsoftware Elite Partner, we’re uniquely positioned to support customers to leverage the powerful analytics and insights available from the Jet platform, ensuring you understand how to access, and benefit from, the data available.

Ranging from a suite of month-end reports to highly customisable and shareable dashboards, all utilising Microsoft Dynamics data, insightsoftware's product range delivers full access to highly accurate business data – anytime, anywhere.

If you are struggling with accessing and reporting on the right data or need support and advice on how to make the most of the information held within your organisation then we can help. We’ve over 30 years’ experience working with Microsoft solutions and as an insightsoftware Elite Partner are well placed to advise on your next steps.

What to expect from our insightsoftware product range

As a Kick customer you'll be able to quickly access a wide range of Jet tools to make sure you're making best use of the data held within your organisation.

Full business analytics and insights available via the Jet platform

With access to the full range of insightsoftware products including Jet Reports, Jet Analytics, Jet Budgets and Jet Hub

Anytime, anywhere access

Full remote access is available both on the web and on mobile devices, meaning data and reports can be processed anytime, anywhere in a secure cloud environment

Save time

Free up your time and your people to work on the important business KPIs, released from mundane copy and paste budget processing tasks

Minimal errors

With automated processing your data and reporting will be accurate, supporting the right business decisions

Simple to use

Easy to create, digest and present information available through Jet’s user focused reports and dashboards – with capability to consolidate data from over 100 sources

Enhanced capabilities

Jet provides deeper explanations of reported numbers. With one click, you can drill down to the underlying live data in Business Central.

Our insightsoftware Product Range

Jet Reports

Flexible, financial reporting inside Microsoft Excel for Dynamics NAV and Business Central customers

Jet Analytics

Easily build reports and dashboards inside Excel and Power BI with access to pre-built data warehouse and an effortless plug in and play solution

Jet Budgets

Add-on solution to Jet Reports or Jet Analytics, creating significant efficiencies across the budget process, enabled through automated workflows

Jet Hub

A web-based portal that comes free with Jet Reports and Jet Analytics, allowing users to access their business reports using virtually any device.

Jet Analytics Cloud

A complete cloud-deployed data preparation, automation and modelling solution that enables Dynamics customers to accelerate BI projects without requiring specialist skills.

Microsoft Dynamics

Jet reporting and analytics in two minutes

Why Kick for Microsoft Dynamics?

We’re at the forefront of the Dynamics 365 evolution, delivering over 200 related projects in the past 12 months alone.

With over 300 years combined experience delivering transformational Microsoft solutions and accreditations including Microsoft Gold and Silver and insightsoftware Elite Partner status, you can trust in our expertise - we’re here to help.

Ask the experts

We're here to help

Whether you are ready to start scoping or just want to discover more about Kick ICT, our experts are at hand to help.

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