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Unlock siloed data and improve your planning, forecasting and budgeting with EPM.

Infor Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) transcends traditional financial management by integrating with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, offering a seamless blend of operational data consolidation and advanced analytical capabilities. This integration elevates ERP functionalities, enabling businesses to leverage real-time insights for strategic planning and decision-making.

Infor EPM equips businesses with the tools to develop, monitor, and execute strategic plans more effectively. It unifies financial and operational data on a single platform, enhancing decision accuracy and providing a comprehensive view of business performance. By marrying the strengths of ERP with the advanced analytics of EPM, organisations can navigate complex financial processes, from budgeting and forecasting to "what-if" scenario analysis, with agility and precision.

The solution’s innovative integration, powered by Infor ION®, automates business processes and simplifies technology management, reducing IT complexities. Infor EPM's robust analytics and reporting tools support financial consolidation, operational health assessment, and performance management, empowering businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions.

In addition, Infor EPM streamlines data consolidation and financial reporting, moving away from manual spreadsheets to a more accurate, scalable, and audit-compliant process. It unlocks critical ERP system data, translating it into actionable insights that align operational performance with business goals, thus driving continuous improvement and strategic growth.

In essence, Infor EPM transforms enterprise performance management by enhancing ERP systems with superior analytics, strategic planning, and decision-support tools. This powerful combination ensures businesses are equipped to meet the challenges of the modern market with confidence and efficiency.

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What to expect from EPM

Multi Dimensional Reporting

Offering a holistic view of organisation performance with tools to deliver consistent reporting for past, present and future performance.

Anytime, Anywhere

Fully mobile platform accessible across any device - mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop.

Unlock your data silos

Centralised business data connected and accessible via intuitive dashboard.

Improved Business Planning

Connects strategy, planning, analytics and risk management in one platform.


Fully Integrated

Benefit from Kick's extensive experience integrating EPM across a range of accounting platforms.

Ongoing Support

Available from consultation to deployment and ongoing customer care to ensure you gain maximum benefit from EPM.


Infor EPM in less than three minutes

Why Kick for Infor ERP & finance applications?

Over 250 years of product expertise across our project management, consultation and support teams, providing Infor solutions to over 12,000 users.

A leading UK reseller of Infor applications, a Pegasus Centre of Excellence Partner and Professional Advantage's Strategic Partner of the Year, we are committed to ensuring our people are educated and accredited, with customers able to access the expertise they need to develop their Infor solutions.


We're here to help

Whether you are ready to start scoping or just want to discover more about Kick ICT, our experts are at hand to help.